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Make the Plate!

Dal Make the Plate, March 1, 2019

Dal Make the Plate, March 1, 2019

Did you know Canada has a new Food Guide?

(There hasn’t been a new one for over a decade!)

At the Food Policy Lab, we think that’s a good reason to celebrate.

We also think Canada’s Food Guide is an audacious piece of healthy public policy. It is a clear, science-based, and exciting way for everyone to learn more about nutrition.

In a nutshell—

  • No more rainbow! It’s now a plate.

  • It’s about proportions, not portions: fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with protein foods, and another quarter with grains.

  • Within those proportions, there are many ways to choose foods to suit your budget, location, preferences, and more.

  • Choose whole foods, including whole grains, more often.

  • Choose plant-based proteins more often.

  • Limit highly processed foods.

  • Make water your drink of choice.

  • Be aware of your food environment, which can affect your food choices.

We want to celebrate the new Guide, and brainstorm new ways we can use it in our homes, schools, and workplaces to support healthy eating. The Food Guide is meant to support healthy eating no matter where, when, or how you eat, but this is not easy! It is a job for all of us to work on together. This is where you come in!

With our colleagues at the Healthy Populations Institute, we are inviting Dal friends and family to join us for a celebration of Canada’s Food Guide and to kick off Nutrition Month. Join us Friday, March 1, 2019 at the Dalhousie University Student Union Building, Studley Campus from 11-4!

We’re setting up a photobooth so you can show us how YOU Food Guide.

PRIZES: $100 Grocery Gift Card to Petes’s Frootique (Best Overall Plate); $100 Dalcard gift (People’s Choice—by likes/faves); Tasty Craveworthy Healthy Snack Pack (Best Team Submission)

RAFFLE PRIZE: $50 Grocery Gift Card to Pete’s Frootique

Here is how to participate:

  1. CHECK out the new Food Guide online. There’s lots of recipes and tips on how to use it.

  2. BRING your made, bought, or Loaded Ladle meal on March 1 to our photobooth at the Student Union Building, between 12-4. Teamwork is welcome—invite your classmates, School, team, or club to #maketheplate.

  3. LEARN about nutrition from Food Policy Lab students and friends, while you style your food at the photobooth. We’ll have healthy snacks and a raffle available too.

  4. SNAP and SHARE on social media channels, being sure to tag or @ us at #maketheplate #Dalmaketheplate @DalMakeThePlate, for the chance to win prizes. There will be individual and team prizes. We’ll be retweeting/reposting our faves throughout the day!

  5. STAY TUNED to Dal News on Monday, March 4, when we’ll announce the prize winners and raffle draw.

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