What We Do

The Food Policy Lab is a public health research and action organization.

Food policy: the structures, processes, people, and practices that define who eats what, when, and how.

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The global food system is complex and has changed dramatically over the 20th century. Some changes in our food environments have been useful, but others have had negative effects on health of individuals and communities.

Making sure that the food system meets our needs and values is crucial for our future wellbeing and prosperity.

Good food policy is health policy.

Our goal is to design supportive and vibrant food environments, strengthen local and regional food systems, and enable participation in healthy and sustainabl----


  • We study and test health-promoting policy innovations in the food system.

  • We learn from and scale the ingenuity of everyday work by diverse food system players.

  • We use food as tool for dialogue, analysis, and engagement.